About Tereo

To keep watch over; protect; guard; obey; observe

Tereo training solutions, LLC gets it’s name from the greek word in the new testament that means to watch over, protect, or guard. Jesus asks his father to not remove his followers from the world, but to protect them from evil while they are in the world. at tereo, we believe God works in and through those who follow him, including to protect others. That’s why we take our mission to train others in self defense, especially in the church security context, so seriously.


“My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect (tereo) them from the evil one.” John 17:5 NIV

Matt Stidham, owner of Tereo Training Solutions, with Tom Givens of Rangemaster.

Matt Stidham

I began my training in firearms at a young age living on my family’s Texas farm, learning to shoot from my grandfather, a World War II veteran and lifetime hunter. It was a hobby until a few traumatic incidents go me thinking about self defense more seriously. I began my professional firearms training journey with a Texas CHL (CCW) class when I turned 21, and further training sessions and IDPA matches with current and former law enforcement staff at Red River Firearms in Sherman, TX (now closed).

I started training with those guys 3 times a week as part of an IDPA competitive league, and maintained that pace for the next several years. When the Sutherland Springs attack happened, it shocked the churches in my community pretty bad. Our church ministered pretty heavily to the recovery community, and had already had some serious security issues come up. I organized the churches in our county and invited my District Attorney brother, and my cop friends in for a weekend summit for the churches in the area on church security practices. We learned what was legal for us to do at the time, and how to coordinate with local law enforcement in protecting our churches.

I started training our first security team back then (late 2017) based on my shooting experience over the years. I am now a Rangemaster Certified Instructor, Strategos Peacekeepers Armed Church Security Certified Instructor, NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, and Missouri CCW instructor. It’s been quite a journey! But I have always been motivated by the desire to see churches be able to minister to broken people in their communities, while still providing a safe place to worship and minister for all those who gather.

Matt Stidham, Firearms Instructor based in Southwest Missouri.

Why Train With Me?

As a former school administrator, and current pastor, Matt has a skill for teaching that naturally transitioned into the firearms training space. Matt brings 20+ years of teaching experience, concealed carry, competitive shooting, and firearms training experience, and host of instructor certifications to every class he teaches. Matt describes himself as a “training junky,” and continues to train with, and learn from, the top firearms instructors in the nation.

Based in the Nixa and Ozark area in Southwest Missouri, Matt travels frequently to area ranges to teach Missouri CCW classes, Church Security classes, and trains armed defenders in all levels of self defense and shooting skills. Matt’s “home range” is Range 360 in Miller, Missouri. So whether you’re in Joplin, Springfield, Willard, Nixa, Ozark, Mount Vernon, Carthage, Webb City, Aurora, Monett, or Stockton, it’s an easy drive to Miller to get quality training at a reasonable price.

Tereo Training Solutions can bring quality training to you! Whether you want training for your Church Security team on-site, need an on-site threat assessment performed, or are interested in Active Shooter Response training for your business, school, church, or other organization, we are happy to bring the training to you. Call or email today to begin your training journey.



  • BA in Music and Bible from Harding University
  • MMUS studies from Stephen F. Austin State University
  • MABS studies from Redemption Seminary


  • Rangemaster Certified Instructor
  • Strategos Peacekeepers Armed Church Security Certified Instructor
  • ALERRT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Certified Instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Missouri CCW instructor

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