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Getting your Missouri CCW permit is just the start.

Continuous training refines concealed carry skills, ensuring readiness for dynamic threats. Evolve proficiency in situational awareness, precision shooting, and legal knowledge. Stay prepared for any scenario, safeguarding yourself and others effectively. Ongoing development is the key to responsible and effective concealed carry.”

Private Coaching For Individuals, Security Teams, and Organizations

Concealed Carry Skills

Protect yourself and your family

After a CCW class, most gun owners still lack the skills and confidence they need to carry daily, and defend themselves and loved ones. Elevate your readiness with our comprehensive training. Learn covert firearm handling, concealment techniques and tricks, situational awareness, and legal insights. Gain confidence in any scenario. Join our expert-led courses and secure your safety with skillful precision. Enroll now and empower yourself to carry every day with confidence!

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Church Security

Defending the flock is a high calling that requires planning, training, and a high level of skill.

Equip your congregation with essential security skills. Our church security training covers threat assessment, emergency response, and conflict resolution. Ensure safety with expert guidance and practical drills. Prepare your team to safeguard worshippers effectively. If you are part of a security team, or run the team for your church, we’re here to help!

Advanced Pistol

Sharpen your pistol skills.

Elevate your marksmanship with our advanced training. Master precision, speed, and tactical maneuvers under expert guidance. From close quarters shooting to long-range accuracy, unlock your full potential. Join our intensive courses and become a proficient pistol wielder. Enroll now for unparalleled expertise!

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Home Defense

Secure Your Home with Confidence.

Our specialized training equips you with essential home defense firearm skills. Learn how to harden your home as a target, strategic defense, and rapid response tactics. Also learn ballistics considerations for home defense. Protect your loved ones and home effectively. Join our expert-led courses to prepare for any threat. Enroll now and fortify your home defense strategy!

Force On Force

Experience Realistic Training.

Elevate your skills with immersive force-on-force sessions using Simunition guns. Simulate real-life scenarios with safe, non-lethal rounds for maximum realism. Enhance decision-making, situational awareness, and teamwork. Prepare for any confrontation effectively. Excellent training for Church Security Teams, families, or individuals. Enroll in our dynamic courses and be ready for the unexpected. Train smarter, defend better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Private firearms Coaching?

Private coaching is training, exercises, and feedback tailored specifically to meet your goals and needs. Wanting to achieve a 1 second draw and fire from concealment?

What is a digital course?

Master critical firearms skills from the comfort of your home with our cutting-edge digital video firearms courses. These comprehensive tutorials cover everything from basic gun safety, care and maintenance of your firearm, to dry-fire practice and advanced shooting techniques. Digital courses use video instruction paired with interactive assessments.  There’s no substitute for live fire training, but our digital courses can help you learn skills at home so your next trip to the range is effective and focused. Elevate your skills and confidence with convenient, accessible, affordable, and engaging online training sessions.

What are hybrid courses?

Hybrid courses are a combination of our digital courses and traditional live fire courses. Each hybrid course will have a video instruction delivered to you before the date of the class. Watch (and rewatch) this instructional video before you come to the course so we can make the most of our time together. We’ve found these types of classes to be highly effective, much easier to schedule, and provide higher retention of knowledge and skills by students.

Do You Offer Church security Consulting Services?

Whether you are just starting a security team, or have an existing team in place, Tereo’s consultation services are a great asset to church safety. We provide everything from site assessments, assistance with drafting or editing policies & procedures, onsite scenario training, live-fire skills, and shooting qualifiers for armed team members. We also provide group discounts for CCW classes for your security team, or church group. In our litigious society, churches must be professional and proactive when it comes to having a security team. Make sure your church security team is always prepared.

What Are Skill Builder Classes?

Skill builder classes are shorter class training sessions that focus on building a particular skill. For example, a Skill Builder Class might simply focus on shaving time off your draw. Another might focus on distance shooting. These are fun, affordable, and focused classes that help you improve your skills, and teach you how to practice them effectively.